Table 2

 Correlation between mesothelin staining and mesothelin level in patients with mesothelioma

GroupPatient numberHistologyEffusion mesothelin concentration (nM)Mesothelin staining*Staining intensity†
E, equivocal.
*A positive result was defined as the presence of membranous stain in more than 20% of tumour cells.
†Staining intensity was graded semi-quantitatively as negative, weak (1+), moderate (2+) or strong (3+).
<26 nM1Mixed2
2Cytology only12++
3Cytology only17
4Cytology only21++
6Cytology only23
7Cytology only25
>26 nM1Cytology only42++
2Cytology only52++++
5Cytology only127E
6Cytology only198++++