Table 3 Characteristics of 31 patients with a diagnosis of HIV infection made just before or subsequent to admission to the ICU
CharacteristicNo (%) of patients
Median (IQR) age (years)34 (29–41)
Male gender21 (67.7)
HIV risk factor
    MSM10 (32)
    Heterosexual20 (65)
    Intravenous drug use1 (3)
Admission diagnosis
    PCP18 (58.1)
    Tuberculosis4 (13)
    Bacterial pneumonia3 (9.7)
    HIV encephalopathy1 (3.2)
    CMV encephalitis1 (3.2)
    Cerebral toxoplasmosis1 (3.2)
    Cryptococcal meningitis1 (3.2)
    Thromboembolic disease1 (3.2)
    Postoperative1 (3.2)
Median (IQR) CD4 count (cells/µl)20 (10–60)
Median (IQR) albumin (g/l)22 (17–28)
Median (IQR) APACHE II score16 (9–22)
Mechanical ventilation22 (71)
Pneumothorax8 (26)
Median (IQR) duration of ICU admission if survived (days)6 (3–23)
    to ICU discharge23 (74)
    to hospital discharge18 (58)
  • Data shown are n (%) of patients or median values (interquartile range, IQR).

  • MSM, men who have sex with other men; PCP, Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia; CMV, cytomegalovirus.