Table 1

 Age standardised baseline characteristics by quintiles of 1986 pattern score

Quintiles for the prudent patternQuintiles for the Western pattern
Quintile 1:Small intake of prudent dietQuintile3:Medium intake of prudent dietQuintile 5:High intake of prudent dietQuintile 1:Small intake of Western dietQuintile 3:Medium intake of Western dietQuintile 5:High intake of Western diet
METs, metabolic equivalent.
Current smokers (%)16755814
Smoking (pack-years)15.811.49.29.611.615.1
White race/ethnicity (%)909191889193
No physician visits (%)292319182328
US region (%)
    East South Central544346
    Others regions888889918786
Body mass index (kg/m2)25.625.525.225.025.525.9
Physical activity (METs/week)222532292623
Multivitamin use (%)192021212018
Total energy (kcal)162219542432146718992710
Food and nutrient consumption
    Total vegetables (servings/day)
    Whole grain products (servings/day)
    Fruits (servings/day)
    Fish (servings/day)
    Desserts and sweets (servings/day)
    Cured meats (servings/day)
    Red meats (servings/day)
    Saturated fat (g)28.024.620.319.925.027.6
    Monounsaturated fat (g)30.027.523.722.927.730.2
    Polyunsaturated fat (g)12.913.413.212.813.213.6
    Trans fat (g)
    Total carbohydrates (g)215235257255233221
    Total proteins (g)84.692.999.596.691.890.0