Table 5

 Interaction between season and individual pollutants

PollutantRR95% CIp Valuet Score
RR, relative risk (the warm season was used as the reference). The cold season is defined as the period from December to March of each year.
NO2 (lag 0–3)1.01641.0086 to 1.0243<0.0001*4.150476
O3 (lag 0–5)1.01951.0081 to 1.03090.0007*3.379242
SO2 (lag 0)1.02051.0078 to 1.03340.0015*3.178459
PM2.5 (lag 0–5)0.99830.9891 to 1.00760.52000.643313
PM10 (lag 0–3)1.00120.9951 to 1.00730.70590.37738