Table 1

 Daily summary of the number of COPD admissions, meteorological and pollutant data

SD, standard deviation; Q1, 25th percentile; Q3, 75th percentile; Min, minimum; Max, maximum; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NO2, nitrogen dioxide; O3, ozone; PM10, PM2.5, particulates with an aerodynamic diameter <10 μm or <2.5 μm; SO2, sulphur dioxide.
Admissions for COPD (n)65.318.915526578125
Temperature (°C)
Relative humidity (%)74.412.821.167.677.083.097.0
NO2 (μg/m3)51.221.810.
PM10 (μg/m3)50.123.913.631.944.564.1172.2
O3 (μg/m3)
SO2 (μg/m3)
PM2.5 (μg/m3)35.720.66.019.431.746.7163.2