Table 1

 HRCT findings commonly encountered in patients with idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs)*

IIPDistributionPredominant HRCT findings
HRCT, high resolution CT; IIP, idiopathic interstitial pneumonia; UIP, usual interstitial pneumonia; NSIP, non-specific interstitial pneumonia; AIP, acute interstitial pneumonia; RB-ILD, respiratory bronchiolitis-interstitial lung disease; DIP, desquamative interstitial pneumonia; COP, cryptogenic organising pneumonia; LIP, lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia
*The predominant findings may vary somewhat depending on the phase of the disease.
UIPBasilar, subpleuralReticulation (usually coarse)
Architectural distortion
Traction bronchiectasis
NSIPBasilar, subpleuralGround glass opacity
Reticulation (usually fine)
Architectural distortion
Traction bronchiectasis
AIPDiffuseGround glass opacity
RB-ILDMultifocalGround glass opacity
Airway thickening
Air trapping
Ground glass centrilobular nodules
DIPMultifocal, often peripheralGround glass opacity
COPSubpleural, peribronchiolarConsolidation
Ground glass opacity
LIPNo predominanceGround glass opacity
Peribronchiolar nodules
Centrilobular nodules
Linear opacities