Table 1

 The 24 major life event items analysed among 189 respondents

Did this event occur during the past 12 months?n (%)
1.Death of a spouse or partner4 (2)
2.You cared for a seriously ill or disabled family member62 (33)
3.Someone close to you died (other than spouse or partner)46 (24)
4.Your pet died39 (21)
5.You lost or had to move out of a home through fire, flood or other disaster2 (1)
6.Someone moved out of your home37 (20)
7.You (or someone close to you) experienced a physical assault or attack16 (8)
8.You (or someone close to you) were robbed or burglarised16 (8)
9.You (or someone close to you) were involved in a major car accident24 (13)
10.You (or someone close to you) were involved in a personal law suit or court case34 (18)
11.You experienced a foreclosure on a mortgage or loan3 (2)
12.You did not have enough money to pay bills49 (26)
13.You needed to provide financial assistance to someone close to you61 (32)
14.You did not get an expected wage or salary increase or promotion27 (14)
15.You (or your spouse/partner) took a cut in pay or salary49 (26)
16.Your (or your spouse’s/partner’s) work conditions changed for the worse57 (30)
17.Your (or your spouse’s/partner’s) workload increased87 (46)
18.You had trouble with employer or boss50 (26)
19.You (or your spouse/partner) were fired, laid off or became unemployed33 (17)
20.You experienced a major increase in the number of arguments with spouse/partner24 (13)
21.You had a major argument with another family member or friend45 (24)
22.Friends or family moved away27 (14)
23.You divorced or separated from your spouse/partner13 (7)
24.You ended another long-term or serious relationship9 (5)
The following two health-related items were included in the battery, but were excluded from the analysis because they would be anticipated to be linked to asthma severity and thus to quality of life (see Methods):
1. You became seriously ill or injured (reported by 58 (31%))
2. You had surgery or were hospitalised (reported by 43 (23%))
The following were included in the questionnaire administered, but were excluded from this analysis because they could be either positive or negative events (see Methods)
1. You moved
2. You got married
3. You bought a home
4. New person living with you
5. You took out a mortgage or a loan
6. You (or your spouse/partner) started a new job or new business
7. Your (or your spouse’s/partner’s) work location changed
8. Your work responsibilities changed
9. You (or your spouse/partner) retired from work
10. You experienced a major change in your usual type or amount of recreational activities
11. You experienced a major change in your usual type or amount of social activities
12. A child or other close family member got married or had another significant life event
13. You had or adopted a baby
14. You experienced a major change in the amount of time you spend with friends or family