Table 5

 Relationship between ECRHS “slope”* of bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) and levels of physical activity by multivariable linear regression

Physical activity in modelAdjusted† regression coefficient (95% CI)p Value for regression coefficient
*Increasing “slope” indicates decreasing BHR.
†Adjusted for country, sex, age, body mass index, smoking, education level, specific IgE to each allergen and total IgE, asthma-like symptoms, current asthma, family history of asthma and residual forced expiratory volume in 1 s.
‡Exercising ⩾2 times/week and ⩾1 h vs the rest.
Usual frequency of exercise
    ⩽1 time/week0 (reference)
    2–3 times/week0.146 (0.003 to 0.289)0.046
    ⩾4 times/week0.231 (0.047 to 0.414)0.014
Usual duration of exercise
    <1 h/week0 (reference)
    1–3 h/week0.160 (0.024 to 0.300)0.021
    >3 h/week0.266 (0.087 to 0.445)0.004
    Inadequately active0 (reference)
    Active0.220 (0.094 to 0.346)<0.001