Table 1

 Agents with sufficient evidence (IARC grade 1)to be classed as occupational lung carcinogens8

AgentMain industry/use
Arsenic (inorganic) and arsenic compoundsGlass, metals, pesticides
AsbestosInsulation, filter material, textiles
Beryllium and beryllium compoundsAerospace industry/metals
Bis chloro methyl etherChemical intermediate/by-product
Cadmium and cadmium compoundsDye/pigment manufacture
Chloromethyl methyl ether (technical grade)Chemical intermediate/by-product
Chromium (VI) compoundsMetal plating, dye/pigment manufacture
Coal-tar pitchesBuilding materials, electrodes
Coal tarsFuel
Crystalline silicaStone cutting, mining, glass and paper industries
Mustard gasWar gas
Nickel compoundsMetallurgy, alloys, catalyst
Radon decay productsUnderground uranium and hard rock mining
Talc-containing asbestiform fibresPaper, paints
Tobacco smoke (personal and environmental)All