Table 1

 Characteristics of the patients and their lesions

NoAgeSexLesionCytology/histologyTNMPrevious treatmentPDTSurvival(months)
SiteNoNo of treatmentsDate of 1st treatment
A, alive; AD, adenocarcinoma; BCY, brachytherapy; D, died; EBR, external beam radiotherapy; I, intermediate bronchus; (L), left; LL, lower lobe bronchus; LBY, lobectomy; M, main bronchus; MidL, middle lobe bronchus; PNY, pneumonectomy; (R), right; SQ, squamous cell carcinoma; TIS, carcinoma in situ; UL, upper lobe bronchus; YAG, Nd:YAG laser.
171F(L) UL and (L) M1ADT2N0M0YAG115/04/1992D 103
269M(L) UL1ADT1N0M0EBR208/09/1997D 35
362M(L) UL1SQTISN0M0None320/04/1998D 63
453M(R) UL1SQT1N0M0None123/03/1999A 82
563M(R) LL1SQTISN0M0None113/04/1999A 81
669M(R) UL1SQTISN0M0LBY114/09/1999A 75
773M(R) UL1SQT1N0M0None122/11/1999D 3
867F(R) M + UL1SQT1N0M0YAG + EBR126/06/2001D 16
954M(R) MidL + I1SQT1N0M0None224/07/2001A 52
1074M(L) UL1SQT1N0M0None123/04/2002A 46
1163F(L) UL + M2CarcinoidT2N0M0None127/05/2002A 44
1286M(L) M1SQT2N0M0LBY + EBR224/06/2002D 16
1367M(R) I1SQT1N0M0PNY225/06/2002A 43
1467F(R) UL + M1SQT1N0M0None225/06/2002A 43
1579M(L) UL1SQT1N0M0None101/07/2002A 43
1671M(L) UL1SQT1N0M0None112/08/2003A 26
1755M(L) LL2SQT1N0M0 +TISN0M0PNY + EBR120/04/2004A 21
1867F(L) UL1SQT1N0M0BCY107/05/2004A 20
1965M(R) I1SQTISN0M0None128/09/2004A 15
2067M(R) UL1SQN0M0PNY209/11/2004A 14
2173M(L) LL1SQT1N0M0LBY111/01/2005A 12