Table 1

 Symptom profiles used in various definitions of a pulmonary exacerbation

ARIC, Acute Respiratory Illness Checklist; RSSQ, Respiratory and Systemic Symptoms Questionnaire (© Boehringer Ingelheim).
Signs and symptoms (new or increased)
    Pulmonary signs and symptoms
        Increased dypsnoea with exertion××
        Decreased exercise tolerance×
        Increased work of breath×
        Day cough×
        Night cough×
        Wet or congested cough×
        Chest congestion××
        Frequency of cough×
        Cough up mucus×
        Haemoptysis/coughing up blood×××
        Sputum volume××××
        Change in sputum appearance××
        Change in sputum colour××
        Change in sputum consistency××
        Increased respiratory rate×
        Decreased lung function××
    Upper respiratory tract symptoms
        Sore throat/runny nose××
        Sinus pain/tenderness××
        Change in sinus discharge××
    Constitutional and GI signs and symptoms
        Abdominal pain
        Decreased appetite/anorexia×××
        Weight loss××
        Work/school absenteeism××