Table 3

 Management and outcome of ARF

NoRenal ultrasound scanBiopsy*Urine outputMax creatinine (μmol/l)Dialysis†Duration (days)
NR, not recorded.
*Biopsy appearances: ATN, acute tubular necrosis; PIGN, post infectious glomerular nephritis. IN, interstitial nephritis.
†Dialysis: PD, peritoneal dialysis; HD, haemodialysis; CVVH, continuous venovenous haemofiltration; HF, haemofiltration.
1Enlarged; consistent with ATNNoNot recorded494PD4
2Enlarged; consistent with ATN or PIGNNoNot recorded727No
3Not doneATNAnuric678PD13
4Enlarged and echogenicNoAnuric768HD5
5Small and bright cortexNoNot recorded161No
6Not doneNoNormal183No
7Not doneATNOliguric874PD6
9Not doneATNOliguric1492PD20
10Enlarged and echogenicNoAnuric886CVVH11
11NormalNoNot recorded864HD5
12EchogenicNoNot recorded288No
13Enlarged and echogenicNoAnuric669HDNR
14Not doneATNOliguric782HD4
15Not doneNoNormal143No
16Not doneNoPolyuric241HF and HD23
17Not doneNoNot recorded168No
18Not doneATNOliguric850No
20NormalPIGNNot recorded124No
21Not doneNoNormal229No
22Enlarged and echogenicNoAnuric891PD9
24EchogenicATN and INOliguric1972HD and PD13