Table 1

 Characteristics of participants with current asthma (n = 179)

Mean (SD)
COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s.
*Current or ex-smoker with > 10 pack-years of exposure to cigarette smoke.†Wheeze, shortness of breath and wheeze at night or chest tightness at night in the past year.
‡Defined as a FEV1/forced vital capacity ratio <0.7 after bronchodilator.12
Age (years)55.2 (13.6)
FEV1 pre-bronchodilator as a percentageof predicted77.8 (21.8)
n (%)
Women87 (49)
Smoker*54 (30)
Asthma diagnosed by doctor137 (77)
Current symptoms†122 (68)
Any drug for asthma used in theprevious 12 months127 (71)
Inhaled corticosteroid use in theprevious 12 months93 (52)
Inhaled short-acting β-agonist use in theprevious 12 months114 (64)
COPD‡67 (37)
Peak flow variability ⩾20%61 (34)
Bronchodilator reversibility ⩾15%43 (24)