Table 3

 Correlation matrix for innate immune activation receptors (A) and inflammatory response markers (B) in patients with asthma

(A) For innate immune activation receptors
EU, endotoxin; IL, interleukin; SP-A, surfactant protein A; TLR, toll-like receptor; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.
*Spearman p<0.05.
TLR2 mRNA0.41*
TLR4 mRNA0.41*
CD14 mRNA0.39*0.58*
(B) For inflammatory response markers
TLR2 mRNA SP-A μg/ml TLR4 mRNA IL8 mRNA Endotoxin EU/ml
IL8, ng/ml0.45*0.37*0.100.62*0.34*
Neutrophil, %0.54*0.140.300.71*0.29*
Total cell count, ×106/ml0.25*0.53*0.110.39*0.17
IL8, mRNA0.65*0.170.320.41
TNFα mRNA0.49*−0.030.51*0.51*−0.01
IL1β mRNA0.41*0.170.42*0.67*−0.15