Table 1 Selected characteristics of the study participants*
No asthmaLifetime asthmap Value‡
Age (years)
    Non-Hispanic white1823(68.8)338(71.0)0.35
    Hispanic white825(31.2)138(29.0)
Parental history of asthma
Child’s atopic status§
In utero exposure to maternal smoking
Number of smokers at home
Annual family income ($)
Parent/guardian education
    <12th grade320(12.4)33(7.0)0.005
    12th grade494(19.2)95(20.2)
    Some college1160(45.0)242(51.5)
    Some graduate336(13.0)54(11.5)
Health insurance coverage
  • *Participants include non-Hispanic and Hispanic white children of the Children’s Health Study with and without asthma with available EPHX1 Tyr113His and His139Arg genotypes obtained from buccal samples collected during 1998–2006.

  • †Totals differ due to missing data.

  • ‡p values from Pearson χ2 tests comparing children with asthma with those without asthma.

  • §Child’s atopic status was determined based on parental report of allergy and hay fever.