Table 2

 Descriptive statistics—demographics, comorbidity and severity

CURB65, confusion, urea, respiratory, blood pressure, age ⩾65.
*All periods are 1 November to 30 April inclusive.
CURB65 scores 3 (severe): three or more of the following criteria: (1) respiratory rate ⩾30/min, (2) systolic BP<90 mm Hg or diastolic BP ⩽60 mm Hg, (3) urea >7.0 mmol/l, (4) new confusion Mental Test Score ⩽8 and (5) age ⩾65 years; CURB65 2 (moderately severe): two of the above five criteria; CURB65 1 (non-severe): one or less of the above five criteria.
†Statistically significant difference between intervention and control sites.
‡Trend towards significance (p = 0.05–0.1).
Period*2001–2 Before2001–2 Before2002–3 After2002–3 After
Patients reviewed for inclusion623770
Total number of patients included1816020953
    Age, mean (SD)69 (19)74 (16)†70 (17)68 (19)
    Median (range)73 (16–98)79 (21–97)74 (16–98)72 (17–96)
    Sex, % male47554543
    Residency, % living in own home78838385
    Living alone, %39473715†
Comorbidity and severity assessment
    Comorbidity—% with at least one significant comorbid illness (median number of chronic illnesses)68 (1)72 (1)66 (1)57 (1)
Severity assessment
    CURB65 score (%)
        1 (least severe)34332840
        3 (most severe)37454419†
    British Thoracic Society core adverse prognostic indicators (% with each)
        New confusion31353715†
        Urea >7 mmol/l58635762
        Respiratory rate ⩾30/min13202919
        Systolic BP<90 mm Hg70†82
        Diastolic BP ⩽60 mm Hg2715‡318†