Table 4

 Certified causes of death

Primarily CFAPartly CFAPartly CFA with lung cancerOther cause with lung cancerOther causeTotal
CFA, cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis.
*Includes one case designated primarily CFA but with lung cancer.
Cases in which CFA was listed in part 1 of the death certificate as the main or underlying cause of death were designated “death primarily due to CFA” and cases in which CFA was listed in part 2 of the death certificate, meaning a contributory cause of death unrelated to the main cause of death, were designated “death partly due to CFA”.
Treated before entry19*520531
Treated within 3 months135*4515223220
Treated later4610811681
Never treated15*17971866
Total215 (54%)77 (19%)34 (9%)10 (3%)62 (16%)398