Table 2

 Demographic data of whole group and subgroups of follow up study population

Whole group(n = 156)(50 females)Subjects with FEV1 change data
Exposed ⩾1 year(n = 90)Step-up(n = 114)Post-removal(n = 86)Exposed ⩾1 year and step-up(n = 63)Exposed ⩾1 year and post-removal(n = 44)
Age at first symptoms (years)40.240.440.240.339.640
Baseline FEV1 (% predicted)89.488.488.787.589.986.3
Atopic (%)4545.53937.339.230.6
Current/ex/never smokers (%)24/28/4820.5/30.7/48.921.6/28.8/49.522.9/30.1/4718/31.1/50.821.4/33.3/45.2
On inhaled steroids at time of removal from exposure82.78077.280.28186.4
Increased bronchial hyperresponsiveness at diagnosis (%)63.662.861.565.251.167.6
Median latent interval between first exposure and symptoms (months)647264727266
Duration of symptomatic exposure (months)455742415755