Table 3

 Characteristics of women who experienced pneumothoraces in flight (n = 10)

PatientAge(years)Age (years) at Ptx in flightPrior Ptx, Y/N (n)Symptoms*Main symptomsTreatmentReactive airway disease, Y/N
N, no; NA, non respondent; Ptx, pneumothorax; SOB, shortness of breath; Y, yes.
*Symptoms include before boarding, during ascent, at cruising altitude or during descent.
13924Y (2)CruisingSharp pain, SOBChest tube/pleurodesisY
2 (NR)2927Y (>5)Soon after landingChest painNANA
33028NBeforeSOBChest tubesN
43230Y (1)BeforeSharp pain, burning, SOBHospitalised for observation (also pregnant)N
53634Y (1)BeforeSOB, fatigueChest tubeY
64035Y (5)BeforeChest pain, SOB, nausea, unusual fatigueChest tubeNA
75635Y (3)Severe pain soon after landingSevere chest pain, pressureChest tube, pleurectomyN
85249Y (1)BeforeSOB, unusual fatiguePleurodesis with talcY
95048NCruisingSudden sharp pain, followed by pain on inspiration, SOBNAY
10 UK4235Y (>2)NAChest pain, SOBNANA