Table 1

 Demographic characteristics and investigation results of study subjects

MedianIQR 25IQR 75
eNO, exhaled nitric oxide; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC, forced vital capacity.
Age (years)11.59.0014.00
Height (cm)149.1136.8161.3
Weight (kg)36.730.847.5
No of cough episodes recorded per day25.516.042.8
eNO (ppb)56.137.4105.0
% predicted FEV183.3%81.1%97.6%
% predicted FVC84.0%91.1%100.0%
% Eosinophils1.80.55.1
% Neutrophils8.36.118.3
Severity of asthma score0.30.02.0
Day time cough0.20.01.2
Night time cough0.20.01.8