Table 3 Self-reported work-related respiratory symptoms at the factory assessment (phase II)
Respiratory symptoms on screening questionnaire (n = 454)*Controls: asymptomatic on screening questionnaire (n = 48)
Work-related n (%)Not work-related n (%)Total n (%)Work-related n (%)Not work-related n (%)Total n (%)
MRC Breathlessness
MRC1: Troubled by shortness of breath when hurrying on level ground or walking up a slight hill146 (17.5%)77 (9.2%)223 (26.7%)2 (4%)2 (4%)
MRC2: Short of breath walking with other people of own age and sex on level ground89 (10.6%)41 (4.9%)130 (15.5%)1 (2%)1 (2%)
MRC3: Had to stop for breath when walking at own pace on level ground41 (4.9%)17 (2%)58 (6.9%)
MRC4: Short of breath washing or dressing16 (1.9%)7 (0.8%)23 (2.7%)
MRC Chronic Bronchitis
MRC chronic bronchitis: sputum production for 3 months each year for 2 years or more78 (9.3%)53 (6.3%)131 (15.6%)
Asthma type symptoms
In last 12 months has your chest ever felt tight or your breathing become difficult?156 (18.6%)100 (12.0%)256 (30.6%)2 (4%)2 (4%)
In the past 12 months have you had wheezing or whistling in your chest?122 (14.6%)105 (12.6%)227 (27.2%)2 (4%)2 (4%)
Humidifier fever type symptoms
In the past 12 months have you suffered recurrent flu-like symptoms on five or more occasions? (Work-relatedness was defined as symptoms at the beginning of the working week and/or being more frequent/severe on returning to work after a weekend or holiday)18 (2.1%)13 (1.6%)31 (3.7%)
  • *Note that the total workforce of 836 used as denominator.