Table 2

 Effect of inhaled dust extract on serum antibody production in mice

TreatmentIgE(×105 U/ml)IgG1(×105 U/ml)IgG2a(OD405)
PBS, phosphate buffered saline; LPS, lipopolysaccharide.
Serum levels of OVA specific IgE, IgG1, IgG2a were measured by ELISA and expressed as arbitrary units; n ⩾8 per group. The results are presented as median with the 25–75th percentile in parentheses. Dust extract treated mice were compared with PBS treated mice by the two tailed Mann-Whitney test.
PBS2.7 (1.7–5.6)11.1 (8.1–19.6)0.15 (0.13–0.27)
LPS2.2 (1.3–5.6)13.3 (8.4–26.7)0.14 (0.13–0.3)
Dust extract1.3 (0.9–2.0), p = 0.0175.5 (2.0–8.1), p = 0.0010.17 (0.13–0.2)