Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of the 74 PiZ subject cohort at baseline

Median (IQR)Median % predicted
*All lung function measurements were performed after dual bronchodilation with inhaled nebulised salbutamol (2.5 mg) and ipratropium bromide (250 μg).
FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; VC, vital capacity; RV, residual volume; TLC, total lung capacity (helium dilution); Kco, lung carbon monoxide transfer factor (mmol/min/kPa/l); UZ, upper zone scans; LZ, lower zone scans; Combined, average of upper and lower zone scans; Perc15, 15th percentile point; VI −950, voxel index at a threshold of −950 HU.
Age51 (46–56)N/A
Pack years15 (0–28)N/A
FEV1 (l)*1.98 (1.5–2.4)48
VC (l)*4.0 (3.2–4.8)101
RV (l)*2.6 (2.1–3.4)130
TLC (l)*7.5 (6.2–8.4)119
Kco*1.0 (0.8–1.4)67
UZ Perc15−944.6 (−966.0 to −922.3)N/A
LZ Perc15−967.4 (−977.8 to −938.8)N/A
Combined Perc15−955.6 (−971.0 to −931.6)N/A
UZ VI −95012.7 (5.3–23.8)N/A
LZ VI −95026.6 (10.7–34.8)N/A
Combined VI −95020.2 (8.1–28.7)N/A