Table 6

 Causes of non-operability in unresected cases in the Teesside and Varese cohorts

Teesside†Varese‡χ2p value
NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; SCLC, small cell lung cancer.
Data are presented as number of patients with percentage of total valid cases.
†Total valid cases in Teesside  =  261/268; seven patients moved to other districts and their treatment could not be traced.
‡Total valid cases in Varese  =  243.
§13 of the 116 patients with NSCLC stage III–IV diagnosed in Varese were resected.
¶2 of the 30 patients with SCLC diagnosed in Varese were resected.
Advanced NSCLC: clinical stage III–IV103 (39%)103 (42%)§0.440.507
Co-morbidity in
    NSCLC clinical stage I–II17 (7%)9 (4%)12.91<0.001
    NSCLC not staged4 (2%)0 (0%)
    Lung cancer not histologically confirmed74 (28%)44 (18%)
Histology: SCLC46 (18%)28 (12%)¶3.740.053
Total no of unresected cases244 (93%)184 (76%)29.64<0.001