Table 1

 Patients in whom TB was not diagnosed as a result of their A&E attendance (12 attendances in 10 patients)

PatientEthnic groupAge (years)Risk factor for TBAdmitted to hospitalSite of TBMicrobiologically confirmed diagnosisTime from A&E attendance to diagnosis of TB (days)Reason for presentation to A&E
*HIV infection only diagnosed after admission to hospital. MRSA, methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus; HIV+, infected with human immunodeficiency virus; LRTI, lower respiratory tract infection; MDR, multidrug resistant.
1aWhite65HIV+YesPleuralNo178Dyspnoea, ankle oedema
1bYes155Dyspnoea, ankle oedema
2Asian53DialysisYesPleuralNo122Sepsis, MRSA bacteraemia
3Black African25HIV+*YesMeningitisNo45Headache, malaise, right iliac fossa pain,
4aAsian59NoYesPulmonarySmear positive, sensitive126Dyspnoea, bronchiectasis
4bNoPulmonarySmear positive, sensitive134Power failure at home
5Asian3NoNoPulmonaryNo166Mouth ulcers
6Asian24NoNoPulmonarySmear positive, sensitive100Malaise, weight loss
7Asian16NoNoPulmonarySmear positive, MDR2Haemoptysis
8Black African30NoNoPulmonarySmear negative, sensitive184Cough, diagnosed as LRTI
9Black African22NoNoPulmonaryNo12Foreign body in ear
10Asian40NoNoPulmonary and psoas abscessNo82Cough