Table 1

 Baseline characteristics at 1 January 1973 and crude mortality rate (MR) per 100 000 person-years from obstructive lung disease (OLD) and pneumonia of respondents during follow up for 30 years by sex, respiratory symptoms, occupational exposure, and smoking habits

CharacteristicTotal at baseline(n = 17678)Deaths from OLD(n = 250)Deaths from pneumonia(n = 293)
*32 persons did not answer any questions about respiratory symptoms.
†1027 persons did not answer this question.
Respiratory symptoms*
    Symptom score
    Cough symptoms57323217512910678
    Asthma-like symptoms6092341821079061
    Moderate dyspnoea on exercise229813531012837
    Severe dyspnoea on exercise85155938324156
Occupational exposure†
Smoking habit
    Current (g tobacco/day)