Question in 1972 questionnaireRespiratory symptom in our study
8Do you usually cough and clear your throat in the morning?Cough symptoms
9Do you usually cough during the day?
10When you cough or clear your throat,do you usually bring up phlegm?
11Do you have cough for 3 months or more altogether during a year?
12During the last 2 years, have you had a cough and/or phlegm in connection with a cold for more than 3 weeks?Asthma-like symptoms
17Do you have attacks of breathlessness?
18Have you ever had wheezing in your chest?
13Are you more breathless than people of your own age when walking uphill?Moderate dyspnoea on exercise
14Are you breathless when you climb two flights of stairs at an ordinary pace?
15Are you breathless when you walk on level ground at an ordinary pace?Severe dyspnoea on exercise
16Are you breathless when at rest?