Table 3

 Association between exposure of the home address to locally generated primary PM10 and incident cough and wheeze (defined as not present in the 1998 survey and present in the 2001 survey versus no symptoms in both surveys)

OR†95% CIn‡OR†95% CIn‡
OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.
*Adjusted for confounding variables in table 1.
†Per μg/m3 increase in locally generated primary PM10.
‡Number of responses.
Cough without a cold1.681.39 to 2.0314791.621.31 to 2.001287
Night time cough1.211.00 to 1.4613821.190.96 to 1.471191
Wheeze1.220.92 to 1.6215331.421.02 to 1.971319