Table 5

 Effect of Arg16Gly polymorphism status on proportion of salmeterol treated patients (BTS step 3 and above) with asthma exacerbations

TreatmentGenotypeTotal exacerbationsTotalOR(p values)
*p values were calculated by binary logistic regression analysis corrected for age, sex, and exposure to tobacco smoke, using a co-dominant model. Odds ratios are per genotypic step.
Not on salmeterolGlyGly48 (33%)971451.26(p = 0.149)*
ArgGly61 (35%)117178
ArgArg25 (41%)3459
On regular salmeterolGlyGly26 (41%)37631.79(p = 0.020)*
ArgGly39 (51%)3776
ArgArg16 (64%)925