Table 3

 Comparison of airway eosinophil count and cytokine pattern between allergic and non-allergic asthmatics†

Allergic asthma P25%–median–P75%Non-allergic asthma P25%–median–P75%p value
P = percentile, NS = non-significant.
*p<0.05, ***p<0.001.
†Cells were isolated from induced sputum of allergic asthmatic (n = 17) and non-allergic asthmatic patients (n = 14). Eosinophil count and cytokine mRNA levels were determined as explained in fig 1. Comparisons were performed using the one tailed Mann-Whitney U test.
Eosinophils/leucocytes (%)1.4–4.4–10.30–0.4–2.10.02*
Copies IL-4/β-actin (×104)0.0–0.7–4.40–0–0.20.03*
Copies IFN-γ/β−actin (×104)0–1.1–16.21.9–2.4–9.90.04*
Copies IL-5/β-actin (×104)29.8–80.4–260.72.8–26.7–86.50.02*
Copies IL-13/β-actin (×104)4.4–7.1–17.30.1–0.5–3.10.0002***
Copies IL-10/β-actin (×104)15.8–91.3–244.020.5–86.7–225.10.89 NS