Table 2

 One year studies of the effect of inhaled corticosteroids on COPD exacerbations

StudyNo of patientsDuration(years)Mean FEV1(% predicted)**ComparisonOutcome
*Number refers to relevant comparison in the study.
**Prebronchodilator value.
CCLS87290381Budesonide 400 g twice daily v placebo36 patients had temporary worsening in budesonide group, 34 in placebo group
LHS2771116364Triamcinolone 600 g twice daily v placeboFewer physician visits on active drug (1.2 v 2.1/100 person-years)
ISOLDE28751343Fluticasone 500 g twice daily v placeboExacerbations reduced significantly (1.32 v 0.99/year)
TRISTAN*30735144Fluticasone 500 g twice daily v placeboSignificantly fewer exacerbations with ICS (1.3 v 1.06/year)
Szafranski*25406136Budesonide 400 g twice daily v placeboNo significant change in exacerbation rate (budesonide 1.84 v placebo 1.87/year)
Calverley*26513136Budesonide 400 g twice daily v placeboNon-significant difference in exacerbation rate (1.8 v 1.6/year with ICS)