Table 2

 Relation between clinical, radiological, and physiological parameters in patients with idiopathic pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (iPAP)

Correlation coefficientp valueCorrelation coefficientp valueCorrelation coefficientp value
LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC, forced vital capacity; TLC, total lung capacity; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; HRCT, high resolution computed tomography.
*Pao2 and AaPo2 were measured in the sitting position at room air.
AaPo2  =  Pao2 – Pao2; Pao2  =  (barometric pressure − 47) × Fio2 − Paco2/0.8.
FEV1 (% pred)−0.100.7750.240.426−0.380.197
FVC (% pred)−0.170.5710.350.247−0.470.108
TLC (% pred)−0.390.1900.510.078−0.510.076
Tlco (% pred)−0.510.0760.360.231−0.610.027
    Opacity score0.410.169−0.590.0330.530.062
    Extent score0.560.045−0.480.0960.590.035
    Severity score0.560.045−0.570.0400.600.033
Chest HRCT
    Opacity score0.540.056−0.510.0720.360.232
    Extent score0.770.002−0.570.0420.640.019
    Severity score0.560.045−0.600.0320.600.029
    Reticulation score0.750.003−0.570.0420.560.047