Table 3

 New reports of respiratory symptoms and prevalence of COPD at SAPALDIA 2 in formerly asymptomatic participants with and without BHR at SAPALDIA 1

Symptoms developed between surveysAsymptomatic at baselinep value
No BHR(n = 3439)BHR(n = 492)
*COPD was defined as FEV1/FVC <0.70 and no physician’s diagnosis of asthma.
Physician-diagnosed asthma (%)2.05.7<0.001
Wheeze in last 12 months without cold (%)3.48.3<0.001
Shortness of breath while walking (%)11.919.1<0.001
Chronic cough (%)
Chronic phlegm (%)
COPD* (%)14.337.9<0.001