Table 1

 Immunoreactive Trx associated with various cell types in autopsy and biopsy lung specimens from patients with ALI/ARDS and controls

ALI/ARDS patients(n = 10)Control patients(n = 9)Mann-Whitney test
Data are presented as median score with interquartile range in parentheses; groups were compared by the Mann-Whitney U test.
Intensity of staining was quantified using a semi-quantitative point score (0–5 in 0.5 intervals) by an observer blinded to the identity of the slides.
*N/A = not applicable because the Mann-Whitney test is unable to analyse differences between groups when all variables in one group are zero.
Alveolar macrophages3.25 (2.25–4.0)2.0 (1.5–2.0)p = 0.0021
Type II alveolar epithelial cells2.25 (1.0–3.0)1.0 (0.5–1.0)p = 0.0057
Endothelial cells0 (0–0)0 (0–0)N/A*
Interstitial lymphocytes0 (0–0)0 (0–0)N/A*
Interstitial fibroblasts0 (0–0.5)0 (0–0)N/A*
Neutrophils0 (0–0)0 (0–0)N/A*
Bronchial epithelial cells2.0 (1.0–3.0)2.0 (1.0–2.5)p = 0.918
Interstitial macrophages1.0 (0–2.0)2.0 (0–2.0)p = 0.106