Table 2

 Characteristics and representativeness of included cases

CharacteristicIncluded cases(n = 204)Excluded(too ill/died)(n = 213)Refusers(n = 44)
Mean (SD) age64.8 (9.6)67.8 (9.5)67.2 (11.1)
Median (IQR) Townsend score of enumeration district of current residence1.20(−2.17 to 4.12)1.66(2.25 to 4.63)3.84(−1.23 to 5.62)
Basis of diagnosis (%)
    Clinical diagnosis only10.328.222.7
Histological type where known (%)
    Small cell carcinoma28.428.814.7
    Non-small cell carcinoma64.566.079.4
Smoking status before diagnosis (%)
    Current smoker59.367.158.3
    Never smoker3.04.28.3
Exposure zone of current residence (%)
    Zone A27.022.625.0
    Zone B39.244.354.6
    Zone C33.833.020.5