Table 2

 Studies with quantitative or semi-quantitative assessment of iNOS expression in cystic fibrosis

StudyCell sourceCF:controls(n)Age (years) CF:controlsNature of controlsOutcomesiNOS expression
CFBE41, CF airway epithelial cell line 41; 16HBE, human bronchial epithelial cell line; IHC, immunohistochemistry; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; Western: western-blot; NO: nitric oxide.
*11/17 CF and 9/14 non-CF samples allowed ICH analysis of NOS expression.
†Five samples from explanted non-CF lungs and four samples by bronchoscopic brushing of healthy volunteers.
Wooldridge13Ex vivo bronchoscopy17:14*6.5:3.5Respiratory disease or symptomsSemi-quantitative IHCNo difference
Darling21CFBE4116HBEChemiluminescenceLow NO production
Meng14CFBE4116HBEPCR, WesternReduced
Meng9CFBE41 biopsy13:14>1916HBE + emphysemaPCR, WesternReduced
Kelley8Murine transgenic lineNon-CF micePCR, WesternReduced
Morrissey22Ex vivo lung sections5:321–42:50–68Lung cancerSemi-quantitative IHCReduced
Dotsch6Ex vivo nasal polyps3:413–18:40–59Non-CF nasal polypsPCRReduced
Steagall23Murine CFTR knock outCFTR+/+ miceIHC, PCR, Iso NO-meterReduced to absent
Kahn24Ex vivo lung sections7:9†Healthy + non-CF lung diseasePCR, Western IFN-γ stimulationReduced iNOS promoter activity