Table 3

 Patients treated with corticosteroids for sarcoidosis and PH*

Sex/ageChest radiographic stageAssociated treatmentSystolic PAP
Baseline3–6 monthsLast evaluation
Cyc, intravenous cyclophosphamide.
*Whatever the treatment at the time of PH diagnosis, each patient received at least high doses of oral prednisone (0.5–1 mg/kg).
†In these patients the measure obtained by Doppler echocardiography was confirmed by right heart catheterisation.
F/550Methotrexate6635<30 mm Hg at 12 months
M/61IIOxygen, warfarin121125†Dead at 11 months
F/52II604030 mm Hg at 14 months
M/28II7760†30 mm Hg at 36 months
M/63II8082Dead at 18 months
M/55IV5055Not re-evaluated
F/62IV4545†50 mm Hg at 18 months†
M/57IVOxygen8085Transplanted at 14 months
M/47IV83100Transplanted at 39 months
M/42IVOxygen, Cyc565991 mm Hg at 48 months†