Table 4

 Influence of age, sex, number of cigarettes smoked daily, nicotine dependence, and airflow obstruction in logistic regression model assessing sustained 1 year smoking cessation

VariableβOR95% CIp value
FTND, Fagerström test for nicotine dependence; OR, odds ratio, Exp(β); CI, confidence interval.
Age0.00621.00620.99 to 1.020.22
No of cigarettes smoked daily−0.01800.98220.96 to 1.000.04
FTND−0.13310.87540.83 to 0.920.0001
Airflow obstruction0.44021.55291.24 to 1.950.0002
Female sex−0.15620.85540.69 to 1.060.15