Table 1

 Characteristics of study population (ISAAC-2: n = 598)

VariableMean (SD)
Age (years)10.4 (1.2)
Height (m)1.48 (0.09)
Weight (kg)39.5 (8.3)
Total energy intake (MJ/day)9.4 (2.2)
Total fruits (g/day)171 (108)
Citrus fruits (g/day)43 (37)
Total vegetables (g/day)94 (42)
Total dairy products (g/day)644 (301)
Dairy other than low fat (g/day)470 (253)
Total whole grain products (g/day)45 (59)
Total fish (g/day)7 (7)
*Intermediate secondary education or less.
†Child and/or one of the parents not born in the Netherlands.
‡n = 552.
¶n = 500.
Current wheeze (yes)8.9
Current asthma (yes)6.5
Atopy (yes)29.4
BHR (yes)21.9
Sex (boys)52.7
Educational level of mother (low*)41.6
Foreign descent† (yes)16.1
Ever asthma: parents‡ (yes)13.2
Ever asthma: siblings¶ (yes)15.2