Table 3

 Levels of biological markers in patients with COPD according to the presence or absence of emphysema on HRCT examination

Variable*Emphysema(n = 10)No emphysema(n = 15)p value
MMP-9, matrix metalloproteinase-9; TIMP-1, tissue inhibitor metalloproteinase-1; NS, not significantly different; OD, optical density; NE, neutrophil elastase.
*Variables measured in sputum except where indicated otherwise.
Data are presented as median (interquartile range); comparisons made using Mann-Whitney U test.
MMP-9 (ng/ml)220.9 (175.5–293.3)72.2 (41.9–165.4)0.04
TIMP-1 (ng/ml)2.3 (1.4–19.7)7.5 (4.5–12.7)NS
MMP-9/TIMP-1 ratio58.7 (20.1–171.5)7.6 (4.3–28.2)0.01
MMP-9 activity (OD × mm2/protein mg/ml)6.1 (4.2–7.9)5.7 (3.7–7.4)NS
NE activity (U/ml)0.01 (0–0.29)0 (0–0)NS
Desmosines (ng/mg protein)12.2 (8.0–13.1)6.3 (5.8–13.0)NS
Urinary desmosines (μg/g creatinine)55.8 (37.7–74.3)38.7 (34.3–54.9)NS
Plasma desmosines (ng/ml)40.0 (22.8–57.0)29.5 (20.5–40.9)NS