Table 3

 Incidence rates and adjusted hazard ratios (HRs) of CHD in relation to asthma variables: ARIC, 1987–2000

Asthma definitionNo of eventsIncidence rate*Model 1 HR†95% CIModel 2 HR‡95% CI
Maximum number of person-years was 154 315 and maximum number of events was 1250. Some subgroups have less because of missing data.
*Crude (per 1000 person-years).
†Model 1 adjusted for age, sex, and race/centre.
‡Model 2 adjusted for age, sex, race/centre, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, hypertension medication use, smoking status, pack years, W/H ratio, diabetes diagnosis, and sport score.
Ever647.810.950.74 to 1.230.870.66 to 1.14
    Former358.851.040.75 to 1.461.040.73 to 1.49
    Current286.810.860.59 to 1.260.690.46 to 1.05
Asthma duration
    Current or former
        ⩽20 years448.741.060.78 to 1.441.030.75 to 1.42
        >20 years166.220.790.48 to 1.290.500.34 to 1.06
Time dependent
    No asthma11648.381.01.0
    Asthma855.510.930.74 to 1.150.880.69 to 1.11
Wheeze attack
    No wheeze attack with shortness of breath11248.091.01.0
    Wheeze attack with shortness of breath1268.161.070.89 to to 1.24