Table 2

 Prevalence of pulmonary symptoms and asthma medication use according to current asthma diagnosis: ARIC baseline, 1987–9

Current asthma (N = 366)Former asthma (N = 343)Never asthma (N = 13088)
*These questions were asked only of participants with an affirmative answer to the preceding question.
Does your chest ever sound wheezy or whistling apart from colds?63%18%7%
    Does your chest sound wheezy or whistling most days or nights?*32%15%16%
Have you ever had an attack of wheezing that made you feel short of breath?84%58%7%
    Have you had two or more such episodes?*93%79%59%
Do you usually have a cough?24%10%8%
Are you troubled by shortness of breath when hurrying on the level or walking up a slight hill?50%29%27%
Brought asthma medication to visit 146%3%<1%