Table 1

 Clinicodemographic characteristics of patients by admitting physician

Respiratory(n = 2216)[median age 70]General(n = 3711)[median age 71]CoE(n = 1186)[median age 76]
CoE, care of elderly physician.
χ2 test with age group: all p<0.001 except for sex (p = 0.58), stroke (p = 0.003), other chest problems (p = 0.09), diabetes (p = 0.67), visual impairment (p = 0.001), pack years (p = 0.88), and previous COPD admission (p = 0.001).
Age (years)
Living alone37777/2108381320/347845508/1121
Living in own home without social care721320/1831702156/306762612/991
Living in own home with social care16297/183117507/306722216/991
Other (sheltered 50%; institutional 36%)12214/183113404/306716163/991
Performance status
    Normal activity/strenuous activity limited30603/1991321059/327126269/1044
    Limited activity but self care46916/1991461509/327148496/1044
    Limited self-care/bed or chair bound24472/199121703/327127279/1044
Documented co-morbidity
    Heart disease3577138139144517
    Other chest problems12260103859112
    Locomotor problems112381243816193
    Visual impairment2493105452
None of the above4599644162436427
One of the above4088533141142494
Two or more of the above153351867622265
Current smoker42903/2128431508/354235387/1119
Lifelong non-smoker365/21284133/3542553/1119
40+ pack years of smoking (ex/current)61602/99560967/161059265/449
Previous COPD admission or early discharge scheme691458/2128652264/348962697/1117