Table 2

 Demographic data of study population

PhenotypeNWomen(%)Atopy(%)Mean (SD)age(years)Mean (SE) % predicted FEV1 when stableOral corticosteroids*(%)Frequency of oral corticosteroid use(mean times/year)Inhaled corticosteroids†(%)Mean (SE) inhaled steroid dose‡(μg/day)Short acting β2 adrenoceptor agonists¶(%)
*Percentage of patients who had used oral corticosteroids in previous 12 months.
†Percentage of patients using inhaled corticosteroids.
‡Beclomethasone equivalent.
¶Percentage of patients using β2 adrenoceptor agonists as rescue treatment.
Non-asthma406565150.6 (14.2)101.7 (2.5)NilNilNilNilNil
All asthma543638349.0 (15.5)
Mild asthma259618447.3 (15.1)92.2 (1.0)51.359890 (49)82
Moderate asthma213648150.8 (15.9)74.2 (1.4)381.595.61474.5 (65)94.3
Severe asthma71657850.1 (13.6)59.7 (2.6)792.998.22729.2 (165)97.5