Table 2

 Characteristics of included studies and their participants with IPF

InvestigatorsNModality of IPF diagnosisMean (SD)years since diagnosisMean (SD)age(years)% MaleMean (SD)FVC%Mean (SD) Tlco%Mean Pao2at rest(kPa)Taking oral medication for IPF at time of study (%)Using supplementary oxygen at time of study (%)
FVC, forced vital capacity; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; Pao2, arterial oxygen tension.
*Duration of symptoms rather than time since diagnosis.
†Slow vital capacity.
NR  =  not reported.
Numbers in parentheses are standard deviation (SD) and are reported where available.
De Vries1910NRNR61.1 (11.6)40NR48.4 (12.2)9.36010
Martinez213427 biopsy proven IPFNR58.3 (10.9)62.4 (3)NR8.9 (0.3)1003
7 clinical IPF59
De Vries204141 biopsy proven IPF5.8 (5.4)63.537NR45.3 (14.9)9.16834
Martinez223025 biopsy proven IPFNR58.6 (2.0)6061.9 (3.2)NR8.7 (0.3)100NR
5 clinical IPF
Nishiyama164121 biopsy proven IPFNR64 (9)8576.6 (16.8)†58.9 (20.4)11.100
Douglas23261 biopsy proven IPF3*68776450NR0NR
25 clinical IPF
Raghu24330213 biopsy proven IPF1.1646964379.97636
117 clinical IPF