Table 1

 Studies that assess HRQL or QOL in patients with IPF included in this review

Study noInvestigatorsStudy objectivesMeasurement instruments used
SGRQ, St George’s Respiratory Questionnaire; SF-36, Medical Outcomes Study Short Form-36; WHOQOL-100, WHO Quality of Life 100 Item Instrument.
*Dutch version; †Portuguese version; ‡Japanese version.
1De Vries et al19(1) Identify life domains relevant to patients with IPFSGRQ*
(2) Determine whether the SGRQ or WHOQOL-100 was preferred for assessing these aspectsWHOQOL-100*
2Martinez et al21(1) Examine associations between HRQL and measures of dyspnoea and pulmonary functionSF-36†
(2) Compare HRQL in patients with IPF and healthy people
3De Vries et al20(1) Assess QOL in IPF patientsWHOQOL-100*
(2) Identify clinical parameters related to QOL
(3) Determine clinical predictors of QOL scores
4Martinez et al22Examine association between HRQL and multiple dyspnoea scalesSF-36†
5Nishiyama et al16(1) Identify the association between clinical markers of disease severity and HRQLSGRQ‡
(2) Examine the relationship between HRQL and both dyspnoea and exercise capacity
6Douglas et al23Clinical trial of colchicine versus prednisoneSF-36
7Raghu et al24Clinical trial of interferon-γ versus placeboSGRQ