Table 6

 Risk factors for RSV positive LRTI

p valueOdds ratio95% confidence intervals
Antenatal infection0.0810.3310.100 to 1.095
Maternal smoking in pregnancy0.0054.8451.610 to 14.582
Antenatal steroids0.1093.5890.751 to 17.560
Male sex0.0692.6270.936 to 6.430
Gestational age0.2380.8120.575 to 1.147
Birth weight0.4311.0010.999 to 1.003
Surfactant0.3910.6670.265 to 1.683
Postnatal infection0.3731.6460.546 to 4.969
Duration of ventilator days0.1481.0410.986 to 1.099
Duration of oxygen therapy0.4380.9670.887 to 1.053
Discharge August–November0.2021.8920.710 to 5.041
Family history of atopy0.5911.2900.509 to 3.269
Number of school aged siblings0.0351.4541.027 to 2.059
Day care attendance0.2642.1450.562 to 8.192
Parental smoking in the home0.7710.8090.194 to 3.368
Bottle feeding0.9660.9770.331 to 2.881