Table 5

 Risk factors for length of hospital stay and GP attendances

Length of hospital stay p valueGP attendances p value
Antenatal infection0.0180.913
Maternal smoking in pregnancy0.1500.574
Antenatal steroids0.1200.970
Male sex0.8470.832
Gestational age0.9300.154
Birth weight0.5550.950
Postnatal infection0.0780.989
Duration of ventilator days0.1390.244
Duration of oxygen therapy<0.0010.184
Discharge August–November0.0610.127
Family history of atopy0.7310.307
Number of school aged siblings0.6110.390
Day care attendance0.8240.277
Parental smoking in the home<0.0010.085
Bottle feeding0.7560.624
RSV LRTI0.010<0.001