Table 4

 Risk factors for hospital admission

p valueOdds ratio95% confidence intervals
Antenatal infection0.1650.4140.119 to 1.438
Maternal smoking in pregnancy0.8491.1900.200 to 7.072
Antenatal steroids0.9760.9760.198 to 4.821
Male sex0.7870.8640.299 to 2.495
Gestational age0.7230.9330.634 to 1.373
Birth weight0.0741.0021.000 to 1.004
Surfactant0.1272.1650.802 to 5.842
Postnatal infection0.2370.4690.134 to 1.646
Duration of ventilator days0.8520.9940.937 to 1.055
Duration of oxygen therapy0.6761.0200.930 to 1.118
Discharge August–November0.0562.8680.973 to 8.455
Family history of atopy0.3611.6980.545 to 5.292
Number of school aged siblings0.9061.0300.633 to 1.674
Day care attendance0.8210.8370.181 to 3.883
Parental smoking in the home0.0033.391.080 to 10.634
Breast feeding0.1750.4560.147 to 1.417
RSV LRTI0.0133.091.277 to 7.532