Table 5

 Time between key events and date of diagnosis for 22 patients with operable and non-operable lung cancer

Description of key eventsAll patients(n = 22)Operable(n = 7)Non-operable(n = 15)p value
Values are given as median (range) in months.
*Operable v non-operable patients (two sided Mann-Whitney U test).
Time between first recalled change in health status and date of diagnosis12 (4–>24)12 (5–>24)12 (4–>24)0.83
Time between first change in health status and onset of symptom that prompted patient to visit GP or other service7 (0–23.5)7 (3.5–22.5)7 (0–23.5)1.0
Time between onset of symptom prompting patient to visit GP and date of visit to GP or other service1.5 (0–11)0 (0–11)5 (0–10)0.35
Time between date when events leading to diagnosis was initiated such as a visit to GP or other service and date of diagnosis2 (0.5–8)2 (1–8)2 (0.5–8)0.5